The Xzeus 2 Kit is a foam dart blaster that hits up to 50m using Stefan foam darts with unprecendented accuracy. The blaster is designed for customers aged 14 and up who want to adopt a more mature aethestic but still avoid the dangers of carrying around a firearm replica. Blaster shell is made of high quality ABS plastic resin and is highly durable. Internals include diecast alumimium and industrial grade nylon parts to improve ruggedness.


The Alpha LS kit is the next lineup for Jet Blasters. A breech system designed for the enthusiast with a perfect seal. The kit will be an aftermarket add-on to our very popular xZeus2 and can be used as an internal upgrade kit for the Nerff Longshott. Even with a modest spring load, the breech design will be giving you a maximum airflow output - combined with immense accuracy. The two results in what we call “efficient power”, a design and development concept that we here at JET Blasters aim to achieve.



The new Katana magazine system is a revolution in compact ammo storage for your Stefan breech foam shooting blasters. For years, even Stefan magazines using shorter darts kept the full width of the magazine well for compatibility with magazine fed foam blasters for backward compatibility. It was a shortcut that saved players very little room in their mag pouch space. Well, no more.


The Omni kit is the long awaited full length expansion for the Alpha kit that allows use of standard streamline length darts and magazines (72mm). In addition to being able to fire streamlines, the Omni kit can also still fire Stefan darts sufficiently. The omni kit also includes a specially tuned 12kg spring and a special barrel that makes feeding streamline darts a breeze.



The ZRO barrel attachment is a new, refreshing approach to barrel rifling for foam shooting blasters.The system is made to screw directly onto an Alpha kit’s barrel assembly, not only answering the question “why is those threads there” on a alpha kit but also removing the need for tape and gluing onto the barrel that many rifling attachments require.


Ceda is a next generation Integrated Shell for the Nerf Retaliator that puts all Nerf parts in a more useful format for battle. It will be the first Jet Blasters shell to be field strippable by allowing the user to change internals by simply removing 2 pins to get the shell apart and get to your bolt sled, plunger internals spring load and plunger saving valuable time not needing to use a screwdriver… Possibly ever again to tune up the blaster.